Tu Mismo

'Tu Mismo.' The wine producer at Clos de Tres Cantos in Ensenada, Mexico told us that those words were his inspiration for the wine we were about to taste.  Tu Mismo translates to Be Yourself. 'You have to be who are you.' He continued as he sipped the wine.

From one bottle to the next,  I noticed how he peppered in words of wisdom as part of his wine lecture. I giggled at his words, enjoying the free advice that came with the wine tasting. It's like having someone read the fortunes from the complimentary fortune cookies I get from my regular local Chinese take out. At first, you chuckle at the advice, but then some actually give you a contemplative perspective. 


'Tu Mismo,' I later thought to myself, is a very appropriate theme to describe my journey from London to Mexico to celebrate the marriage of my fairy godmother and great friend, Amy and Ian.

They'd organised a wine, beer and taco tour as part of the transportation for their wedding guests from San diego to Ensenada. Thanks to them, my Mexican culinary knowledge has expanded. I had the best beef tacos at a nondescript taco joint, a world-class crafted beer at Agua Mala and met passionate winemakers like those who work at Clos de Tres Cantos.

Amy and Ian's marriage was held in the scenic Guadalupe Valley. 

Their ceremony was the perfect expression of who they both are -- fun-loving, easy going, free-spirited and beautiful. 

To attend their wedding, you can truly come as you are. 'As for attire . . . please really do come in whatever feels fun and comfortable for you.' They wrote on their wedding website.

From sandals to high heels, khakis to suits, flower headbands to an English top hat, everyone was free to be themselves.  It makes sense. How else could one have a great time if you are not yourself.  This is how I think every wedding should be. 

Congratulations to Amy and Ian. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of your journey and your union. We love you for who you are :) 

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