When in Rome...

I was in Rome last month to meet my mentor, sister and great friend, Jenny.  She was on a two-week long vacation in Europe with her mom. The last time I saw Ate J and Tita Archie was over five years ago  (Ate = sister, Tita = Aunt in Tagalog).  So, when I heard they would be in Rome, the only natural thing for me to do was to fly and see them...After all, it is Rome. 

In the Eternal City, we walked back in time, visiting all of the historic sites while jogging down our shared memory lane. In between piazzas and pasta, we caught up on the current events of our lives. A lot has changed. For one, we both relocated to different cities. One thing hasn't changed though, our friendship. 


I was truly lost in the times. I didn't realise it until I came home and looked at the pictures I took. I didn't have one single food picture on my camera. Only a handful of people can distract me from the food photo opportunity of eating in Rome. It appears, Jenny is certainly one of them.

To compensate, this past weekend, we cooked pasta Amatriciana and a lemon Ricotta cheesecake from scratch in honour of the trip. 

Thanks Ate J and Tita Archie. It was a short but really sweet trip :) 

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