What else can I say about Lisbon that hasn't already been said? This small city, packed with charms, flavours and a deep sense of history completely had me fall head over heels in love with it. In Lisbon, the past can be heard through the sounds of Fado and the present can be tasted in the freshest seafood. 

I left Lisbon feeling very inspired and wanting to make all sorts of Portuguese foods. I wrapped my hands around Pastel de Nata (egg custard tart). Next week, I also plan to attempt Fios de Ovos, known to me in Thai as 'Phoi Thong.' I thought these golden egg threads were born in Thailand, but later learnt that its rightful birthplace is actually in Portugal.

'The Age of Discovery' in the 15th century brought Portuguese food to the World and the World to Portugal. Fios de Ovos was just one of the many examples of cross-cultural cuisine Portugal shared with the world during their global maritime exploration. 

Six centuries after 'The Age of Discovery', Portugal is still charming visitors with its old-world architectures, cobbled hilly streets and wooden trams. Discovering Lisbon, to me, felt as if I was transported somewhere far far away.