Fork and story is a visual catalogue of the bite-sized food stories I create and capture. This blog was born from the collective pushes of my friends & family.  Despite years of me questioning why the World needs another food blog, I have decided to just...DO IT.  

My name is Nusara Chinnaphasaen. I was born and baked in Thailand, but currently reside in Amsterdam. I consider myself a food dork (not a foodie).  

I love food. I genuinely, unapologetically, and unashamedly love food.  I love to cook it, plate it, eat it, talk about it and take pictures of it.  But most importantly, I like to share it.  I believe every dish comes with a story. My only goal for this blog is to share my food inspirations and its backstory to satisfy the appetite of my loved ones and hopefully those who stumble upon the site.

Enjoy and thank YOU.