The Object of My Affection

Isn't it strange how you appreciate certain things more when you no longer have access to it. 

This weekend's cooking party taught me to be even more aware and appreciative of the little things around me even when they seem very insignificant at times. 

Our group of friends decided to do something simple this time after our latest painstakingly crafted meal.  We settled on just two dishes - noodles and dessert. 

As the day approached, an idea popped into our heads. We wanted to co-ordinate the dishes in the way they were meant to be served.  I am a big fan of context, so the meal presentation is as much a part of the experience as the meal itself. 

I turned my vintage glassware into a condiment set. At home, noodle is always served with flour flavouring agents - sugar, chili, vinegar and fish sauce.

The most fun we had was with the noodle dish. Seeing food served on the newspapers transported us to the street of Thailand. We were all very giddy. I realised that our obsessions for simple things like newspaper and rubber bands may seem stupid to many. But for us, it's about being appreciative of what made up our culture. We got more high from drinking out of the plastic bag than from the Riedel glass. An object that usually costs a few baths suddenly worths a thousand pound in our eyes. Everything is indeed relative.

Yesterday's event taught me not to take small little things for granted and that I have to steal my mom's rooster bowls the next time I go home :)