Happy Birthday, D


It's my husband (a.k.a Derrek)'s birthday.

I wanted to make a beautiful, wholesome and substantial beef roast for his special day. 

Beautiful. Wholesome. Substantial...that's probably a good way to describe Derrek.

I also intended to bake a cake. But, the man has been on a health kick lately, he insisted that I bake him a fruit tart instead.

I would have happily granted him that wish. But, eating a fruit tart doesn't seem that special. So, I tried to convince him that his waistline is already well proportioned with his body and a fruit tart is no less fattening than a cake.

He pushed back and gave me all sorts of ridiculous reasons why making a tart was a good idea, like: "but we already have a tart tray that we can use." (well, yeah...we already have a cake tray too, I thought to myself...but kept my mouth shut).

After a minute of back and forth, I pulled out the big gun. "But it's my birthday, too."  This is true.  My birthday is only a few days after his. 

It worked. He agreed and let me do what I wanted. I giggled my way to the victory. 

But it must have been a reverse strategy or something on his part. I felt bad afterwards and decided to make us the miniature versions of both. So everyone wins. 

Our silly little conversation led us to the mini red velvet cake and the small pear and peach tarts. 

In the end, the birthday boy had his tart and ate the cake too.

To the man with the most perfectly well proportioned body and the kindest soul I know, happy Birthday, D.  

Rib Roast of beef with beetroot and horseradish. I added baby carrots and spring onion bulbs for colors.