Dutch and Delicious

I've moved. Again.

This time to Amsterdam. 

I did the unthinkable and left my husband in London to start a long-distant marriage. I found a new job, moved into a new apartment, met many awesome people, got over my fear of biking - and almost killed myself in a cycling accident. To top it all off, I've also been seriously contemplating getting a tattoo (please don't tell my mom).

This is what I call living on the edge. My husband calls it a mid-life crisis.

But Derrek being Derrek, he will always let me do whatever I want to do for as long as I'm happy.

So here I am in the Dam and loving every minute of it.

Amsterdam is like a modern day village. The city is small and aesthetically pleasing. I enjoy my ridiculously short commute to work (ten minutes on foot, two on the bike). 

In this town, you can't go out without running into someone you know. I often bump into my colleagues on their bikes waving or nodding at me to say 'hey'.

When the weather is nice, the streets of Amsterdam become an extended living room for its residences. People pull out their chairs and large dining tables to claim their streets. Those who live on the first floor swing open their doors to sit outside with their choice of beverage (often alcohol infused) and let the city into their apartments. 

As it turns out, my doorstep also doubles as a living room for an old gentleman called Gelke. I often find him sitting in front of my building in the late afternoon on the weekends.

Last week, I curiously sat down with him on my stoop and got to know the guy. I learnt that Gelke is a cook for the Salvation Army.

After work, he likes to walk over and sit on my doorstep to boat-watch with a dessert. He told me that this spot is his favourite place in city. 

It is mine too.

After just over a month, I finally feel settled in this small little corner of the world. I made Poffertjes last weekend to celebrate my full integration into the city. These cute little minions are undeniably Dutch and delicious just like their birthplace. 

And so I have my very first post from Amsterdam and I'm sure it won't be the last. For now, this is where I'll camp and cook. I don't know for how long. But if I can manage to convince a certain someone that a Dutch way of life is kinda awesome, you might be hearing from me, from the canal side, for a long while.