Coffee & Scrambled Eggs

'I don't eat breakfast.' 

Every time I say that to someone, I am met with a shocked response - as if I had just told them that I have a cancer. Usually, those alarming reactions are followed by these words - 'It's the most important meal of the day!'

So I have heard. 

But, I have survived for many years by drinking coffee at the start of each work day.

Breakfast during the weekend, however, is a different story. The meal is more of an event rather than a question of sustenance.

A couple of weeks ago, the hubby was in town for a visit. I thought I would make a full-on breakfast feast to show him what he has been missing. 

After all, they say 'the way to the heart is through the stomach.'

I turned to my favourite menu from Buvette and brought out all of my vintage tableware.

The relaxing morning turned into a mega food shoot (sorry Derrek).

Everything on the table was just too pretty not to be captured in pictures.

The result is what you are now seeing on this page. A feast for the eyes as well as for the stomach.