Time, love and really good butter


I baked my own croissants.

I wonder how many people would say that or have a reason to?

For most, making your own croissants shouldn’t sound like a good use of the weekend when you can easily buy a considerable good quality of croissant from a bakery.

Spending three days kneading, folding and waiting for the dough to ferment and proof is something akin to painting and then watching it dry (except the smell is much better with croissants).

For someone like me, who may be said to have a mild mental disorder when it comes to my love for food, making my own baked goods is absolutely the most natural way to spend a weekend.


I attempted to make croissants once before. They turned out not so great. I was too impatient to let the dough proof and fully perform its magic.

With nowhere to go and an entire weekend to fill, I gave the croissants a do-over.

The result is what you see here. Crispy and flaky on the outside. Tender and light on the inside.

It appears that if you want to find pleasure in life, all you need is time, love and really good butter.