Blood, Bone and Broth

It's been a while since I last blogged. I've been busy living a new chapter in my life, discovering Amsterdam and flying back and forth to London. Plus, cooking just for yourself is not as fun as being able to share a meal with those you love.  

This weekend, with no visitors, Derrek or predetermined plans, I decided that it was time to give myself and Fork and Story some love.

I opted to make Ramen because there's nothing more satisfying than the soul warming feeling of your homemade broth. 


I locked myself in the apartment with pig trotters, chicken and pork bones and got lost in the cathartic process of cooking.

I let the blood & bones work their magic in the broth, which I babysat for two days. Homemade Chashu was braised and watched over for hours. I went all out and made the noodles from scratch because it's more fun that way.

Thanks to the recipe from Chef Marc. I perfected Tonkotsu Ramen, similar to the one at Ippudo, one of my favourite ramen joints.

In the end, I will admit that I no longer wanted to share this amazing soul comforting creation with anyone. This flavor-dense magical broth was just too good to share.