Food Connects

I think food is the most original form of social media.  People have gathered to share stories over food for years.  

One of my favourite things to do is to get my friends together and cook.  It's a very simple, yet most satisfying act.  We make things with our hands.  We talk with one hand holding a spatular and a drink in the other.  We enjoy each others company while sampling our creations and learning together.

When I lived in NY, this was our monthly ritual.  We picked each month's theme and rotated the cooking locations between our apartments.  Somehow, we always...always...managed to fit all of us in a tiny NY kitchen.  I'm convinced this is clear evidence as to why we jive so well together.  

When I left the city, I didn't think I could have a similar experience. Ever. Again.

But like-minds attract. Through the course of me cooking and obnoxiously posting my food photos, I've earned a few friends who stalked me through our mutual friends on Facebook.  Two of which happen to live in London. 

I feel flattered that someone wants to know me simply from viewing my food.  It's a very humbling experience.  

Luckily, when we finally met, I didn't scare them away.  In fact, they've also introduced me to more of their friends who are even more passionate about cooking than I am, if that's even possible.  Pigs can really fly in my world.  So now, my monthly ritual is back on track with a new group of friends, over new menus, sharing new stories.

Food is truly a tasty form of social connection. And inspiration is a two-way street. 

This post is for all my friends who understand the hedonistic pleasure of cooking.  I miss you guys as much as the food we have eaten together. And you know that's A LOT :)  

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