Work in Progress

It's almost the end of February. I thought I would check in on how I am doing with my new year's resolutions which include, but are not limited to, getting in shape and bettering Fork & Story.

So far, both missions are tracking along well. 

Since I've started this blog, I have organically gained over two hundred followers and two extra sizes in my clothes.

I know the number of my followers isn't a lot, considering that most of them are probably my friends and family who feel obligated to check out the blog. However, the latter figure is drastic. All of the cakes, canelés, cronuts and croissants I've made for the blog have found a home around my waist line. I didn't mind it so much at first, making and eating all of them made me happy. But it's time to get my 'happiness/heftiness' ratio into balance. Like my mom always says, everything in moderation.


I'm happy to report that this morning I managed to squeeze into my old skirt which I've saved as a litmus test.  The subject matter for today's post is a bit healthier to keep in-line with my good progress. I've recently come across an artichoke and jerusalem artichoke soup from Epicurious. The dish is pleasant to photograph and to eat.

With Fork & Story, I've finessed the little details on the site like the typeface and the site buttons to make the design more fun and informal. I've also been studying and dissecting the works of the different food photographers I admire. I've started to experiment with styling, natural lighting and photoshopping.  The pictures on this post were the result of me tinkering with all of those elements. 

Everyday is a work in progress. Looking back at my earlier posts, I do see the differences and the progression in the development of my pictures. I hope you do too.

Any thoughts, pointers or feedback will be very much appreciated :)