Food Aphrodisiac


My friend, Giulio, once told me "I love to cook, especially when I am in love."

I told him how much I love that saying. So a few weeks ago, he bought me a book called "Aphordite" by Isabel Allende.

The book is about food, sensuality, lust, gluttony, and passion.  With the book came a little card, Giulio said he thought I'd love this book because it's all about being passionate about something we do. 

Yesterday, page after page, I poured myself into the book. And I absolutely LOVE it!  I laughed out loud, I cried a little inside, I blushed, and frankly I was a little turned on ;) 

The book is so well-written, I can taste every word and it resonates completely with how I view food. To me, almost all food is sensuous and an aphrodisiac  - from the way it looks, smells, feels, sounds, tastes to the way it makes me feel.  

Everything about food is sexy.

I love the burning sensation on my hand after I cut the chili.  

I love eating off my hands and licking the flavours off my fingers.

I love the smell of the sea which touches my nose as I devour any type of seafood, oysters in particular. 

I find beauty in simple, well-roasted and moist chicken skin with a touch of sea salt.

I sometimes want to bathe myself in ramen broth. 

I once rubbed my favourite creamy cheesecake all over my face on my birthday with a sheer sense of gluttony (a little crazy. I know).

I love the lingering smell of basil on my hands (according to the book, basil is associated with passion).

I fantasize about being on a first date where the man shows up with a perky bunch of cilantro instead of flowers. 

I was a little surprised when I learnt there's a term called Cilantrophohia. My hero, Julia Child, was actually one of them. How could one dislike this delicate, aromatic, pretty little thing?

But I guess as in sex, food can be very personal and subjective. Why else would the word fetish exist.  I mean, if we are going to put something in our mouths, we better choose what we like.

Naturally, I felt compelled to cook something from the book. And here are my picks:

First: Curried Zuchhini because I want something creamy.

Second: Saffron Shrimp because saffron sounds very sexy for some reason. And I'm not trying to be sexual or anything, but the best part about eating the shrimp to me is sucking the juice out of the head.

Third: Madame Bovary. An orgy of fresh berries with the sweet smell of its juices, blended with zesty lime cream cheese. THAT's what I call a happy ending!

I styled the food a little differently today.  I used a lot of black and gold as I find the colour palette sexy and sophisticated and deliberately used the close-up shot.  Almost all food is beautiful.  All you have to do is to go up close and be intimate with the ingredients.

To quote a sentence from the book - "Aphrodisaics are the bridge between  gluttony and lust." 

If lust and gluttony are the sin. Then, I'm perfectly ok being a sinner.